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When it comes to CFRC there’s no shortage of Financial Education

As the summer season is winding to its end CFRC is gearing up for a slew of financial education workshops and events to target communities in and around South Los Angeles. CFRC is collaborating with several organizations, some old and some new,  as well as continues  to spear-head the mayor’s Bank on Los Angeles campaign.

Since its inception Magnolia Place has been the hosting site for several of CFRC’s tailor-made bilingual money management-themed workshops. Through that relationship as well as a vouch from the site’s Economic Stability Workgroup, CFRC has enabled relationships with other community organizations associated and new to the Magnolia Place Network – taking financial education on the road throughout the Magnolia catchment area.

Now, CFRC is bringing the show back to its own backyard with scheduled money management workshop series at SCOPETRUST South LA (formerly Community Land Trust) and the Oakwood Family Center with the support of local community bank Broadway Federal.  And the buck (pun intended) doesn’t stop there.

For the month of October CFRC, along with the Magnolia Place Community Initiative, Broadway Federal Bank, Pan American Bank, and Operation Hope will bring a host of money and banking-themed workshops to seven schools, including their students and parents. The event will be anchored by at least two events, one of which will be the return of the popular community yard sale at Magnolia Place.

On top of it all this year will see part two of the Living Healthy & Wise series – a comprehensive  program that places workshops covering nutrition & health, parenting, government & community resources, and personal finance to at least three different sites in the City of Los Angeles. Not to mention CFRC regularly facilitates an FDIC money management course at 1736 Family Crisis Center and it’s own creation Money is Sexy.

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