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10.17.23 Unveiling the Future: The George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Step into the future with a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-landed spaceship at the George Lucas Museum, set to grace Los Angeles' Exposition Park in 2025. Standing tall at 10-20 stories high, this architectural marvel is on the verge of completion, promising a captivating experience for all who lay eyes on it.

Imagine a structure that resembles a legendary "Star Wars" spaceship, as if it has touched down on Vermont Avenue, its northern boundary. The futuristic design and grandeur of the museum are bound to leave visitors in awe, igniting their imagination and curiosity.

Adjacent to Exposition Park, the museum stands as a beacon of creativity and storytelling, ready to welcome art enthusiasts and visitors alike. As the RISE neighbor to the northwest, the museum promises not only a cultural experience but also a hub for engaging programming and events.

Get ready to be part of an extraordinary journey as you explore the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Witness the fusion of art, technology, and storytelling come to life in this iconic landmark. We eagerly anticipate your visit and the conversations that will be sparked by this innovative addition to Los Angeles' cultural landscape. Join us as we embark on a new chapter of artistic exploration and discovery at the George Lucas Museum!

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