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RISE accepted into 2021 Nonprofit Tech Readiness cohort

Nonprofit Tech Readiness (NTR) is a six-month cohort program focused on nonprofit professionals interested in boosting technology management and planning in their organizations. Our goal is to elevate nonprofits’ technology capacity significantly by strengthening participants’ knowledge of best practices for technology planning, budgeting, decision making, and more while teaching them how to advance a technology project specific to their work. – NTEN

RISE is thrilled to announce that we have been accepted into the NTEN Nonprofit Tech Readiness Program. This much-needed opportunity will allow our organization to level up our capacity as we learn to utilize technology in more meaningful, efficient, and impactful ways. As we settle into the New Year, this training and development will help us revisit and redesign some our programming and well as integrate innovative and exciting technology-driven solutions to our workplace.

As a client of ours, you can expect a greater use of current technology in the way we communicate and structure our programs and services.

To learn more about NTEN click here.

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