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Community Dollars | Organizing for Empowerment Part III

Today is exactly 30 days from the meeting where Yesenia, Irma, Ana, Gustavo, and many other negociantes ambulantes joined a discussion with regards to forming what is now known as BÉNC (roughly translated as “Making a way for success in our community “) – a committee to oversee all future Magnolia Place community yard sales. We have been following their story through words and video (occasionally aided by the promise of mom-made pupusas) since then and today will present you with thirty photos courtesy of an Android and a beautiful day.

The following images demonstrate un montón of hard work, leadership, and collaboration on the part of these 40 or so vendors. So, with no further ado, BÉNC presents you with their first organized and facilitated community yard sale!

And to see the remaining pictures please click here! And latest the video!

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