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CFRC Teams up with Magnolia Place Partners, Schools

Magnolia Place Partners (CFRC, Operation HOPE, Magnolia Place Community Initiative, Pan American Bank and others) are planning a month-long event in October tentatively titled “Fall Financial Success Extravaganza”. The collaboration has big plans to target 10 schools, seven teachers each in the Magnolia Place catchment area to partake in in-classroom youth financial education workshops and parent “financial know how” seminars.

The four session financial literacy training will give both students and their parents the opportunity to access/open savings accounts, connect to the many resources at the Magnolia Place Family Center and other financial resources.

Several festive events at the Magnolia Place Family Center will anchor the event:

  1. A community yard sale

  2. A banking fair

  3. A clothing give-away/public benefits enrollment event

  4. A fall festival

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